​​​Jamie Cassata


 Behind good marketing is good marketing writing—to communicate with clients, customers, employees, and so on. As profits and image are on the line, you need your writing done professionally. 

But in-house writers mean salary and benefits expenses. Outsourcing projects means keeping your staff lean, reducing your expenses, and getting done what you need done, when you need it. 

​In all, a good freelance copywriter makes your life easier​.

I'm Jamie Cassata—a freelance copywriter in Rochester, NY. I help businesses and other organizations get attention, communicate effectively, and sell ​using the written word.  

I offer a variety of marketing writing services: fundraising and sales letters, ad copy, articles, web copy, etc. Whatever you need for your particular circumstances.

Key to communicating and persuading is understanding. To clarify your goals and project parameters, I begin all my copywriting with extensive research into...

1) Audience
​2) Features/Benefits

3) The Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

​I get "into" your customers and associates. What moves them? And I get "into" your products and services. What makes them valuable and unique? 

With this understanding I write creative AND persuasive copy—at reasonable cost. Far less than what an ad agency or marketing company would charge you. 

And I do it reliably. When I say I'm going to write something for you, I do it right—on time, every time. 

Contact me. No obligation, of course; I'd like to hear about you and your organization.

Jamie Cassata

​288 Northland Ave.

​Rochester, NY 14609




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